What our clients have to say

I have in recent times come to work very closely with André on more than just financial planning, but also as a friend and someone that is always willing to go out of his way to assist me in other matters like my own future personal development. 
As a military pilot flying for the Silver Falcons finding life cover, let alone affordable life cover was nearly impossible. After sitting with André, he tailored a package that covers me for my type of flying at a price I could afford 
Thuvesh is a very hard working and passionate person in the job he does, he gives 110% all the time to ensure that the job is done correctly the first time around. He always maintains a very high level of professionalism as well as making sure the best service is delivered to everyone he interacts with.
With the ever changing need of insurance and income protection it is very difficult in the Aviation industry to get the best that is suited for me. André's complete passion for aviation propels his drive to keep abreast of the best possible products. When there is a newer and better option available he does not sit back and wait for me to complain but immediately informs me of anything that could be of value to me. 
In my line of work guarantees are rare. You seldom know where you are going next, what you will encounter along the way and when you will be back. But I needed to guarantee the well-being of my family and André made it happen. I highly recommend his service.
Thuvesh provided me with such excellent and sound financial advise. He took the time to explain in detail and helped me understand where my money is going and how investments work and takes planning for ones future very seriously. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you Thuvesh for your professionalism, understanding and expertise!
André managed to go out of his way to ensure that I have written confirmations of all my benefits including written proof that I am covered for Aerobatic, formation as well as flying ejection seats. Apart from all this he still made the time to drive to Langebaan in order to provide me with a face to face quotation and consultation. Really Excellent Service! 
I was a military Pilot in the South African Air Force and I have been a client of skyfin and André Roos for a couple of years. I have cover for myself and my family. When I moved to work overseas, I notified André and he promised that I would still be covered as per our arrangement. When I was recently diagnosed with cancer, one of the first people I informed was André. He immediately put me at ease by double checking that my cover for dread disease was in place, we then started the admin process which was mainly completed by the specialists involved in my particular case. This required almost no input from myself and I could focus on the medical procedures and healing well. Two months later the policy paid out exactly as promised. Thank you skyfin for the peace of mind during this trying time.
Through his persistence and dedication I now feel far more comfortable that my family will be looked after should I depart this world doing what I love! André is passionate about his job and his clients and is always seeking new ways to improve his service.
Thank you Skyfin very much for an outstanding service and all the good advice. Much appreciated 
André is detail oriented, quick to respond when I need assistance. Offers multiple ways to solve my financial challenges, and always presents options. I have tried to work with others, there is no one who compares to André for great service, top quality work, and value. I highly recommend him for your financial advice.

In all the years of searching for insurance suitable for my career path, this is the best amongst the others I've found. I feel as if it is tailor made for me and is suitable for my needs.

Thanks to Mr Swartz and Mr Gotze, my search is concluded.

Some of our clients

  • South African Airforce Silver Falcons, Rooivalk, Hawk and Gripen Pilots.
  • South African Police Services Airwing
  • Working on Fire (Aerial firefighting)
  • United Nations, Execujet
  • SAA and SA Airlink
  • Air Dubai, Emirates and many more