Risk Insurance

Income Protection / Loss of Licence 
Income Protection insurance ensures that you will receive an income if it happens that you are unable to perform your occupational duties and earn a salary due to an accident or ill health. This benefit is paid if you are permanently or temporarily disabled.

Life Cover
Life Protection covers you and your family in the event of death, protecting you against the financial impact that this will have on your surviving family. It makes provision for life cover and education benefits, to help ensure that your loved ones are able to continue with their lives and are financially taken care of upon your death.
Disability Cover
Disability Protection covers you in the event that you cannot work, temporarily or permanently, due to an accident, illness or injury. You can choose the benefit to be paid as a lump sum or monthly income, depending on your needs.
Impairment Cover
Impairment Protection benefits are intended to protect you against potential loss of income as a result of a functional impairment, for example heart disease, cancer, loss of a limb, etc. Payment is dependent on the level of impairment suffered, rather than whether or not you are occupationally disabled and unable to do your job.
Dread Disease Protection
Dread Disease Protection covers you in the event of being diagnosed with a critical illness such as Cancer, Stroke or a heart illness. It helps you to cover the costs associated with recovering from a critical illness, by paying out a lump sum on diagnosis.