Medical Aid
The importance of medical insurance cannot be stressed enough; if you’re caught sick or in an accident without it, it could lead to even greater financial pressure, and even bankruptcy. We give you the peace of mind that when you need cover for major medical costs, we are there for you.

Medical Schemes
A medical aid scheme helps members to pay for their health needs, such as nursing, surgery, dental work and hospital accommodation. For this service, members and their employers pay regular contributions to the scheme.
  • The advantages of a medical aid scheme are that: It protects employees if they suddenly have to pay large, unexpected medical costs and they don’t have to delay their medical treatment because they don’t have any money. Employees get better medical care because they are looked after by private doctors, clinics and specialists instead of overcrowded public hospitals.

Gap Cover
All medical aid members face the problem that surgeons, anaesthetists and other specialists frequently charge more than the amount covered by their medical aid. When this occurs, you as the medical aid member becomes liable to pay for the shortfall. The solution is for medical aid members to insure themselves against medical expense shortfalls through our range of Gap Cover options.